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Lets Go Serial Joe...


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Full name: Daniel Akira Stadnicki
Born: August 19th, 1984
Instrument: Drums
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Hobbies: Snowboarding, Drumming, Cycling, and Swimming
Favourite Color: Blue
Favourite TV Show: Frasier
Favourite Ice Cream: Cookies n Cream
Favourite Band: Incubus and 311
Favourite South Park Character: Chef
Favourite Movie: Saving Private Ryan and Usual Suspects
Favourite Food: Oriental
Favourite Sport: Snowboarding
Favourite Subject in School: Music, Science, English, and Math
Drum: Yamaha
Drum Sticks: Pro Mark or Vater
Life Ambition: Photographer or Architect
Other: Has two cats named Snowy and Poopookitty

Full name: Ryan Thomas Dennis
Born: January 8th, 1984
Instrument: Vocals and Guitar
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel/Green
Hobbies: snowboarding...(i need more i know)
Favourite Ice Cream flavor: Heavenly hash
Favourite Color: Green
Favourite Band: Silverchair, 311, Rage
Favourite South Park Character: Kenny
Favourite Food: Steak, anything Dan's mom makes
Guitar: Washburn (green)
Life Ambition: Architect, stay in the music business.
Favortie Clothing Brand: Puma, Ecko, Third Rail, and MCD
Favorite Shoe Brand: Doc Marten's and Puma
Favorite Drink: Milkshakes
Favorite TV Show: Anything on the History and Discovery Channels, X-games
Favorite Concert he's been to as a fan: Edgefest, Silverchair, and Finger Eleven
Favorite COncert he's performed at: Edgefest
Most prized posession: His new Godin Guitar and his Star Wars collection
His favorite color to wear: Black, Red, and Denim
Favorite way of just chillin and relaxing: Playing strategy computer games and reading
What quality he likes in a person: Intelligence
Fave show on Muchmusic: ANY!!!!
Fave junk food: Turkey Subs at Mr. Sub
Bedtime: Really LATE
Wake-up Time: Too early
What accomplishment is he and the band most proudest of?: Well, Showing other kids that if you really work hard at something and have people who believe in you, you CAN accomplish the things you want to do!!!!
What's his and the band's fave thing about going on the road?: Seeing new places and meeting new people and playing great shows.
What thing does he and the band hate about being on the road?: Is there anything to hate about being on the road?
Other: Was the guy in the Our Lady Peace video, "Superman's Dead"

Full Name: Ryan James Stever
Birthday: December 6th, 1983
Instrument: Guitar
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Light Blue
Favourite Ice Cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
Favourite Color: Green
Favourite song: Slave by Silverchair (in frogstomp)
Favourite Band: koRn
Favourite TV Show: much music
Favourite South Park Character: Cartman
Favourite Food: Chicken
Favourite Sport: Basketball
Favourite Subject in School: Art, music
Life Ambition: Graphic design, musician
Other: Wishes he could stamp his autograph instead of wearing out his wrist.

Full name: Jonathan James Davidson
Birthday: July 28, 1984
Instrument: Bass
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Hobbies: all sports (with some exceptions)
Favourite Ice Cream flavor: Chocolate
Favourite Color: Blue
Favourite South Park Character: Chef
Favourite Movie: Dazed and Confused
Favourite Food: Pizza
Hated Food: Onions
Favourite Sport: Football
Favourite Subject in School: Geo and English
Bass: Yamaha
Life Ambition: stay in the music buisness
Other: Lived in Malta for a year


The Band is from Newmarket Ontario, Canada (yeah baby!)
They are managed by Ryan's mother, Debbie Dennis
In September of '98, Serial Joe won Best Independent Video at the 1998 MuchMusic Video Awards
They also won Best Band Award at the 1999 YTV Youth Achievement Awards
They got their name because there was this girl would couldn't pronounce the name Sergio. She kept calling him Serial Joe.
Ryan thought of the name, the rest of the band liked it because it was short and easy to remember
Serial Joe was on the Edgefest '99 summer tour.
They were on the Emerging Band Stage at Woodstock '99.
Serial Joe was nominated for "Best Rock Video" for "Mistake" at the 1999 MuchMusic Video Awards.
Were signed to Epic Records early October '99.
Serial Joe was one of the eight winners in a contest held by The New VR. They won 10 hours of recording time at Barrie's Power Plant Studio along with three performance-oriented videos to be filmed by The New VR staff.
Here's a quote from Jon on the subject of Serial Joe hate sites: "It's pretty pathetic, y'know. With the time and effort they put into this, they've got some pretty sad lives"



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